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The Village retains the feeling of a traditional village in countless ways. Brookline’s earliest shops and restaurants were started here. It was also the site of America’s first municipal gymnasium and public bath. Its inviting shops and cafes beckon to passers-by. It is also known for a cluster of antique shops and children’s shops, a neighborly center where store owners know each other and most of their customers by name. The Village prides itself on being a small, eclectic blend of old and new. Storefronts are tasteful and harmonious.


The Hub of Brookline

The hub of Brookline, Coolidge Corner is the biggest and busiest business district in town spreading along Harvard and Beacon Streets. The “Corner” is a magnet for both locals and visitors. Coolidge Corner boasts a flourishing retail and entertainment district that has a nice mixture of locally owned shops and branches of national chains. Here you will find everything from a cluster of bookstores, crafts shops with world collections, specialty restaurants, pleasant cafes, and clothing stores. The Corner is the perfect place to take stroll.

S.S. Pierce Clock Tower

Coolidge Corner’s most visible landmark, the S.S. Pierce clock tower, is housed in a Tudor style office building, anchoring the town’s major commercial center. Visitors passing by find respite at the Florida Ruffin Ridley Playground, straddling Coolidge Corner, and the nearby JFK Crossing.


A Unique Identity

At the crossroads of Beacon and Washington Street, Washington Square has a unique identity in the mix of Brookline’s commercial neighborhoods. The neighborhood raised funds to install and renovate the 18-foot Victorian-style restoration clock, which can’t be missed. Whether one is seeking a shoe cobbler, running supplies, dry cleaner, grocer, or old-fashioned hardware store, Washington Square has a true small-town buzz.
Washington Square